Thursday, February 28, 2013


The past 4 weeks I have been reading "Let.It.Go" by Karen Ehman and participating in Melissa Taylor's online Bible study. This week's reading included a discussion on the things we cannot change and my need to let go of those things and trust God to handle them.

A few years ago the company I was working for at the time accepted a contract with another company that I did not respect. I had disagreed with their moral stance on some issues. I spoke, respectfully, with my supervisor about the things I was willing to do and lines I would not cross. I prayed about it and decided to stay in my job and wait and see. A few months later I was in a meeting where this contract was discussed. One person stated that the amount of paperwork required was not worth the benefit and would it be better to drop the contract. In that moment, God spoke to my heart and said "Be quiet, I've got this." So I pressed my lips together tightly and prayed silently. Without my saying a word others decided to drop the contract. I could have attempted to manipulate and control the situation but in being quiet I gave God a chance to work.

Last week I wrote about micromanaging my children. I see so many adults that have made poor decisions and end up on drugs or in jail. I worry so much about how my children will grow up. Will they have good friends? Will they make good choices? Will they turn to God or run away from Him?
Yesterday, my 6 year old came home telling of a "bad day". Of kindergarten drama that includes the phrase "if you don't do what I want, then I won't be your friend" which devastates my little one's people pleaser heart and of other children making too much noise while she was concentrating or sitting too close to her. I felt very helpless. During our prayer time last night, however, my child voiced her feelings to our Heavenly Father. "Please help me to have a better day and not be so angry tomorrow." And as she whispered those impromtu words a still small voice whispered in my heart "Don't worry about her, I've got this."


  1. I love your post Lacey. It is so heartening to hear your baby learning to trust now! I pray God continues to speak to her heart as it grows and guiding her. And I pray He helps you to not "hover" but to let Him move in your children's lives.

  2. Great post, Lacey! I so dislike that phrase: "If you don't do what I want, then I won't be your friend" :(

    So thankful your daughter has a good mommy who is teaching her how to "Let.It.Go." and let God have control!

  3. Wonderful post Lacey - touched my heart. So beautiful to hear all you are teaching that young one. And keep those lips quiet when you hear God telling you. Thanks for posting today. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

  4. Thank you for sharing!