Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In the past 8 months we have made a lot of changes to our diet. In an effort to decrease risk of diabetes in our family we cut back on carbs drastically. Then, due to Joel colic, I went on a gluten free diet for almost 4 months while breastfeeding. This made easier because we had already cut most of our breads and carbs. As Joel had grown, so has his appetite. But because of his stomach issues he eats fresh stuff and nothing processed unless it specifically says "gluten free". The boy can eat more broccoli than the rest of us put together..probably because he eats our portion! I was waiting for him to turn a year old so we could do allergy testing. We tried to draw blood and it was very traumatic for everyone involved and not very successful. We did get enough blood to test for wheat which came back negative. The thought of feeding my sweet boy, who loves meat and veggies and does not care for carbs, processed mac and cheese makes me cringe. It's been a battle to get the 4 year old to give up her processed sugar. Most of our shopping comes from the dairy, meat and produce sections now and she complains. I want to shout that she should enjoy the fresh food instead of griping but instead I battle to get her eat...and most of the time it is tasty not bland and "yucky". I think we have all felt better and had more energy since the diet change. The hubs and I have both noticed that we feel more draggy if go off the diet for more than a meal. I would love for my boy to continue to love his fresh foods. We go to see the allergist next week for more extensive testing. I'm hoping we can find a balance.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In the 7 years that I have been married I have had few hobbies. I did some scrapbooking when we were dating and that lasted a little while into our married life but between work and ministry and then kids it got pushed to the side. About 3 months ago I decided I wanted to garden. I found a great little vegetable garden plan online and set about making it happen. My veggie garden is now in full bloom, along with about 30 plants in my front flower beds that have been bare for 3 years and 2 beautiful pots on my back porch. But all this green beauty comes at a cost...time. Two nights ago I wanted to finish planting some flowers and then water all my plants. I tried to talk my 4 year old into helping. She watered a few plants then dug one hole and she was done. It was too hot and she did not like it so she went inside. I finished the project outside then went inside to start bath and bed time routines. Both the kids were excited to see me but both wanted to play. Because I spent my time doing what I wanted I missed out on time with my kiddos and felt it in their attitudes. It was a battle to the end.
I know we all battle wanting what we want when we want it. It starts as an infant when all your needs at met and all you have to do is whimper. As we grow we learn about delayed gratification and sometimes what I want will hurt others so maybe it's not such a good thing. Finding a balance between spending time with my children and time on my hobby is difficult sometimes. Last night I decided to do it the opposite way and played with the kids till almost bath time then went out to water. They responded much better to the bath and bed routine b/c they had gotten "mama time". I know a lot of us struggle with spending so much time taking care of other people that we don't take care of ourselves. In my work I see a lot of people who are worn out and worn down because they have never taken care of themselves. Finding something you enjoy and spending time doing it sometimes makes it easier to take care of others.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A place to start

Most of my adult life one of the hopes and dreams of my heart was to be a wife and a mother. Seven years ago this Sunday God granted one of those dreams when I married my dear hubby. 2 1/2 years later we added a daughter to our family and another dream was realized. Our 2nd baby was a little harder to come by but God was gracious and gave us a son almost 6 years into our marriage. This blog is a narration of our lives and how God is continuing to grow our faith and our hope in Him. This is the life I always wanted...sometime I wonder, though, why nobody told me it would be so hard!