Sunday, August 14, 2011


Spontaneous? Umm, let's see where can I schedule that? I'm such a planner. At one point when I was attending seminary and working night shift my sleep was even scheduled. I had a breakdown when one of my prof's gave homework that was due the next day because I had to sleep and work all night. It was not in the plan for that week to have spontaneous homework. My children were VERY planned. I wanted my first child to be born during our 3 week Christmas break...she was born the day we were due back at school..pretty close timing I think. When I was in NP school and working full time I had a schedule of when to study for what class and when to do what homework. I had a color coded calendar. I love looking at organizing websites and organized rooms in my BHG magazine. You can't tell it from looking at my house but I love things that are neat, orderly and in their place. I have a routine at home too and I hate getting out of my routine. It stresses me out totally. But I have 2 kids and my husband is a full time you know how many times my schedule gets thrown out the window? My husband did not want to know the gender of either of our children. I wanted to plan a nursery...which I just took a little more work.
So, all that to say this..if you see me looking frazzled or if you ask me to do something spur of the moment remember I don't do spontaneous very well.

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