Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Red

Little Red and I met 10 years ago. I was single and making good money as a night shift RN and decided to buy a new car. I fell in love quickly with little red. A two door 2002 red Honda Civic. On nice days I would let the windows down and the sunroof back and ride. I learned to zip around cars on the interstate in that car and we could zip! LittleRed was there when my heart was broken and I ran away for a few days of solitude and she was there when I met "the one". We drove her East for our wedding day where she was defiled by my brothers-in-law with catfish bait and crickets planted inside on a hot June afternoon so the bride and groom would be surprised. We drove off in a puff of white as the flour that had been sprinkled on her blew in the wind. The new car smell was pretty much gone after that. Little Red was there when we brought home a little baby girl. The two doors was difficult but not impossible with a baby and we made do. A few years later, With a second baby on the way Little Red was just too small and so she sat on the sidelines when a newer bigger trailblazer came on the scene...but we still logged lots of miles. She's 10 years old now and has almost 190,000 miles on her. (She had 7 miles on her when I drove her off the lot) In the past few months she's had some problems and it's time to let her go. We bought her replacement the other day. I know she's just a car but she's served me well and we've driven through a lot together. So goodbye Little Red and thanks for the good times!

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