Monday, January 4, 2016

Whole 30 Day 1

Why The Whole 30?

No added sugar, no processed food. Why would anyone want to live that way? No coffee creamer?! Then I started reading this book and As a family nurse practitioner I have for years told my patients to limit the amount of processed food in their diet. This takes that advice to a new level. I always knew processed food and high sugar content in your diet was bad for your health. It causes increased risk of diabetes and obesity. I did not realize it could cause many more problems than that. So I decided to do a hard reset of my diet. You know when your computer is not acting right and you just shut the whole thing down and start over? Except I wanted to do that with my body.

So I convinced my hubby to be my #whole30 partner and we set January 3rd as our start date. In preparation we bought lots of meat, veggies and fruit. But we also found lots of things we thought were "healthy" had added sugar. Like turkey bacon. Turkey bacon. It's supposed to be lower in fat and good for you but they add sugar! It's no wonder we have an obesity epidemic when producers add sugar to "healthy" food!

Day 1

I was prepared for the first few days to be rough. I discovered I don't really like coffee. I like coffee creamer. A LOT! We had eggs, potatoes and fruit for breakfast. Hunger was not really a problem but I had a headache by noon. We had chicken, potatoes and asparagus for lunch. The first day was a Sunday which is a stressful day anyway since my hubby works full time as a youth pastor it's one of his busiest days. We were watching a movie at church and knew popcorn and soda would be a temptation so I made avacado tuna salad in lettuce wraps and took a large bowl of fruit and water. And when you think about it what's going to fill you up longer and have less calories tuna or popcorn? So day one in the books. Went to bed with a headache and dreaming of coffee creamer. Otherwise we survived

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