Saturday, January 9, 2016

Whole 30: Day 6 & 7 (Whole 30 vs Girl Scout sleepover) and a coffee update!

 I missed yesterday's post because after working all day I spent all night at a Girl Scout Cookie kickoff and sleepover.

We hope you enjoyed your two weeks of dieting. You can stop that now; Girl Scout Cookies have arrived.:
 And this is basically how I feel. They're not here yet, don't start calling me telling my daughter what you need! But they will be here soon so go ahead and make your list. I must say I feel like quite the hypocrite telling people all day everyday that they need to eat less processed sugary foods and then spend a month walking with my daughter around town trying to convince all those people to buy what I told them they can't eat!

scrapbook girls scout cookie booth - Google Search:
Usually however we do have a donation option.I don't know what our donation option will be yet. I did see cookies at the kickoff but I was good I refrained from eating them. Thanks to Hubby I had grilled chicken, potatoes and a salad on the road on the way to the sleepover. I also packed fruit for a snack and breakfast. They had fruit there as well as things that were not on my diet. I must say I really wasn't all that tempted. Usually I would have grabbed a bag of chips and had donuts for breakfast but I ate my fruit and was ok with that. I guess I was full from a dinner of real food.

I have finally found a way to drink my coffee! I found compliant coconut milk and added it to my coffee yesterday. It was good but then I had a friend who suggested I add some cinnamon.  That really made it more flavorful and tolerable. It's not my khaki colored, creamy, sugary brew for sure but it helps.

Today was kind of a blah food day. I rushed to get groceries after the sleepover so we would have food this week. We bought a bunch of meat at Sam's last week so I just needed veggies and fruit. Grocery shopping with 3 girls ages 8&9 was interesting. Here's my food for the week. The Krispy Kreme is coffee so settle down!

We had eggs when I got home but that was almost 11 so I didn't have lunch til nearly 2 and had some boiled shrimp and avocado. For dinner we had apple cinnamon pork loin with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed green beans. I attempted to make mayo this afternoon and failed. Hubby attempted as well.  Apparently you have to pour the oil into the mixture as slowly as a sloth for it work!

Tomorrow will mark a full week that we have been eating unprocessed food. We will be almost 25% done with our 30 days. I'm hoping to attempt that mayo again and to spend some time prepping food for this next week.

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