Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Whole 30: Day 4

Wednesday is one of our busiest days and usually the day we eat junk. The Wednesday lunch special at one of our local restaurants is steak with baked potato and all the fixins. My husband works full time as a youth pastor and Wednesday is his busiest day of the week. He usually goes to work at 8 AM and doesn't get home til after evening church around 8PM. Most weeks we eat at church which is usually kid friendly fare like hot dogs, chicken strips or tonights offering of grilled cheese sandwiches. None of that "routine" I described above is allowed on the whole 30. The steak would be if it's not cooked with vegetable oil and the potato without butter, sour cream or cheese so what's the point? I get off work at noon on Wednesday and pick up the kids at 3:30 then the race is on to get homework finished, chores done, baths given and back to church by 6 pm. Cooking usually doesn't happen. Throw in a 2 year old with a sudden fever and vomiting and well I was ready to throw in the towel. But I feel better. Overall I feel better. I don't wake up wishing I could find time in my day for a nap. I'm not jumping out of bed but the fatigue that I thought was just part of being a full time nurse practitioner and a full time mother of 3 is slowly lifting. So I did not give up. I had some canned chicken (I had to read ingredients on 3 different brands before I found something without additives), I boiled some eggs (We've gone through a carton of 18 eggs since Sunday), had my 9 year old help me make avocado spread to use instead of mayo and then mixed it all together. I threw in some diced apples for a little crunch and put it on Romaine leaves. I took this plate to Hubby at the church so he would have a healthy dinner. I ended up putting some cherry tomatoes on mine. Breaks up the green color a little.
Here's a look at our breakfast and lunch today

So you can see we are not starving. One thing I have been thinking about. I talk to a lot of people who complain about being tired. Just tired. No get up and go. What if it's related to what we are putting in our bodies? That's what the Whole 30 is about. Clearing out the system and then you can add things back in and make an educated decision about how food affects your body and whether you are willing to be tired and lethargic from eating stuff that is not that healthy after all. 

So I've got 26 more days of clean eating left in my challenge. Then we'll see what happens. If I can manage to make real food on a busy crazy day with a sick kid I bet you can too.

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