Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whole 30: Day 10

I woke up this morning and could barely swallow because my throat was so sore. I hang out with sick people all day so I supposed getting a cold in the middle of January was unavoidable. I have not seen any true flu cases yet but I have seen quite a few sick people. I managed to make eggs with red peppers, cilantro and lime for breakfast. All I wanted to do at lunch was curl up under a blanket. I pulled out some left over salmon and put it over a spring mix with tomato, grapes, and avocado. I sprinkled some lemon juice over it and a little vinegar and oil dressing. I prefer my salad with a thick coating of buttermilk ranch but not today. I did, however, eat it curled up under a blanket.
We had grilled pork chops with mashed potatoes and asparagus for dinner. For the mashed potatoes I used coconut milk and homemade chicken broth instead of butter, sour, cream and milk. Even the kids ate it.

The kids are not following our new eating plan but they do eat what we eat at dinner. I don't make a separate meal. I make them a different breakfast but we have been doing that for a while. When we got married we drank a lot of soda and ate whatever we wanted. We had pasta at least once a week and fried rice at least once a week. Several years ago we cut back on the soda and the past 2-3 years we have rarely bought it to keep at home. Our kids like to drink water with flavor and I think it's because we don't buy soda. 2-3 years ago we really tried to start eating healthier and cutting out a lot of fried food and fatty food. We increase eating at home and decreased eating out. We took part in a Diabetes Prevention Program last year where we learned how to count calories and what foods are good and which ones to avoid. Still we had trouble losing weight. I think the 30 day commitment is perfect. It's not a lifetime. It's not forever. There is an end goal. And the rules are clear. It's not even really about weight loss it's about breaking the hold that sugar and processed food has on your mind and body. I like the drastic, jump off a cliff feel to this program. And it's working. I see food differently. I guess I'm becoming the hippie my brother in law labeled me as when we started this program. 

I still can't make homemade mayo. But I'm drinking coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon and  I like it.

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