Sunday, January 10, 2016

Whole 30: Day 8

Sunday's are crazy busy at my house. Hubby leaves early to make sure everything he's responsible for at church is done and that he is there before our students show up. He usually takes at least one of our kids with him but that still leaves me 2 other kids to get up, fed, dressed and out the door. With the Whole 30 I'v had to make a full breakfast for he and I and get lunch started. So that adds to the chaos that is Sunday morning in a minister's home. We had sausage and potatoes and poached egg for breakfast. I made buffalo chicken sliders  for lunch with parsnip fries.
I used sweet potato as the bun. I always preferred the smaller sweet potatoes for baking as they cooked quicker but the larger ones sliced up worked well for buns. The parsnips look like white carrots before you cook them if you've never had them. I just put some olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary on them. I put the chicken in the crock pot. I got both recipes from Pinterest. There's tons of chicken left so we had that for dinner as well and a salad.

I attempted mayo again twice. My food processor which is at least 9 years old and hasn't been used in years started smoking at one point so I called it quits.

Hubby and I both feel pretty good. We are not hungry which is problem a lot of times with a diet. And we are really not on a diet. People ask "What kind of diet are you doing again?" Whole 30 is not a diet. It's just changing the way we eat. It's a lifestyle change designed to cut out the junk in our diet. I am realizing more every day that although we did not buy a lot of processed food we were not eating real food. We were eating a lot more processed food than what I thought we were eating. 

So on to week 2!

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